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Mark Mulder in ACC has taken the lead in the second round of the competition, know what he said

Today, the second round of this competition is over and Mark Mulder has taken the lead in it, on this he said some interesting things

to take the lead in the competition. Where does the audience go after the championship, because they encouraged me a lot, the

The last few years were very bad for me because I like fans a lot, they give me a different energy, my fans have a big hand in this big increase that

I am not surprised that Mardy Fish are chasing me by 3 points as they have been champions of 2020, this I already knew

I was never nervous I have a complete idea of ​​the situation here and That's why I know how to hit the ball. Mulder also said

The Tony Romo, he is the 2018 and 2019 champion, scored 19 points to match Mike Modano at 37 in acc

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