Is America going to shut down again because of covid? The U.S. could be headed for Covid spike in April

experts point to three factors that could be driving the upticks in europe right now waning immunity the lifting of interventions like masks and people getting together a lot more and this omicron sub-variant called ba2 and of course we’ve got all of these at play in the u.s as well the ba2 subvarian is estimated to be at least 30 percent more transmissible than the original omicron which of course itself was much more contagious.

 The U.S. could be headed for Covid spike in April
The U.S. tracking

than previous variants and it’s been on the rise in the u.s since late january the cdc now estimates it makes up almost a quarter of new cases in the u.s at least as of last week.

he U.S. could be headed for Covid spike in April

it’s more prevalent in different regions like here in the northeast where cdc data show it could make up almost 40 percent of new cases the good news is ba2 is not thought to be more severe than the original omicron and vaccines are expected to hold up similarly against it so what will this end up looking like in the u.s while already wastewater surveillance is suggesting a potential uptick in cases here.

models like this one from columbia university are now projecting that cases across the u.s could rise through april after reaching a low of about 30 000 a day which of course is close to where they are now and though cases matter for people who are immunocompromised and because of the risk of longer-term effects of covid policymakers have started focusing on whether hospitalizations will rise as well and whether this happens is still an open question experts know the us has fewer people boosted than many european countries and of course that provides us with less protection sadly true billions of dollars in coveted funds are stalled on capitol hill what happens.

if that money doesn’t get approved this is really worrying people and the white house warns it means we’ll be unprepared for future potential waves they say they won’t have enough money to buy more boosters for all americans if they’re needed they say in april they’ll have to stop reimbursing health care providers who care for the uninsured with covid in may we could run out of antibody drugs and in june our ability to maintain testing capacity will drop not to mention our ability to support vaccination and health care programs globally which is key to trying to prevent new variants shepard smith here thanks for watching cnbc on youtube

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