WHen do the clock change?The date the clocks change in the UK

in this blog we’re talking about The date the clocks change in the UK why we move the clocks forwards and backwards who came up with the idea and who decides if we keep doing it I’m also talking time zones and how they keep changing for all sorts of reasons how they’re linked to Coldplay air conditioning so when do the clocks change.

 let’s talk about the UK first the clocks spring forward on the last Sunday in March known it’s British summer time they then fall back on the last Sunday in October known as Greenwich Mean Time over in the US so British summer time is known as daylight saving time.

 that’s because there’s more daylight in evenings and left in the mornings so who came up with this crazy idea of moving the clocks forward and backwards well many people think it was Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers of the United States.

The date the clocks change in the UK

 letter published to the journal des parry

 he is said to come up with the idea back in 1784 when he was working in France as the first US ambassador in a letter published to the journal des parry he jokingly said that people needed to get up earlier to benefit from more sunlight he said that the church bell should ring out and tend to be tired wait he also thought if people got up earlier in saw more.

¬†daylight then Grid save on candles then in 1895 this guy called George Hudson he was a specialist in insect biology living in New Zealand came up with a modern version of daylight saving what he wanted to do was move the clocks forward by two hours in the summer but he was mocked and it’s fair today that idea didn’t fly.

then 10 years later a British builder called William Willett who was also the great-great-grandfather of Chris Martin from Coldplay suggested the idea again mr. Willett loved to play golf but he got very annoyed when the Sun went down and his games were interrupted he spent his life campaigning for the clocks to be moved forward but the UK only bought it in in 1916 a year after he died and then many years later Coldplay released the song.

Germany was the first date to introduce in cold war

 we can’t say they are definitely linked but it is a really cool fact fast-forwards World War one and that’s when changing the clocks was realized on a grand scale Germany was the first date to introduce this that was to save cold during the war many others soon followed suits then in World War two the u.s. made it mandatory for the whole country to use daylight saving.

 that was also to save on wartime resources however now states are allowed to do what they want more than half the countries across the world don’t do it anyway most of those are around the equator because the amount of daylight they have doesn’t really change from season to season.

for those who do do it many can’t even decide when is the correct time to do it anyway something having daylight saving is a good thing because it saves on energy and reduces traffic accidents on the flip side though some say it doesn’t save on energy it causes more accidents when children are going to school in the morning it’s dark and that can make it dangerous some studies have even linked it to heart attacks so why do we do it studies suggest it’s all down to the economy just think about it when it’s light outside and you finish school or work you go out to the shops the bars the restaurants and you spend money.

instead of when it dark and you just want to rush home get on the sofa put a film on snuggle up and go to sleep let’s talk time zones in total there are 38 time zone some 30 to 45 minutes apart and they’ve got abbreviations Russia has 11 time zones the US and Canada have six standard times and Australia five

The date the clocks change in the UK

How china do The clocks change?

 You know the China which is the third largest country in the world and only has one officially known as Beijing time there are parts that have their own unofficial time. but officially it’s China Standard Time all year round no clock changes every time zone is measured from the Greenwich Meridian GMT based.

 GMT as a point of reference 

 right here in London when me and Phoebe are that’s because the US and a lot of the shipping industry were already using GMT as a point of reference so this big international conference on time zones decided they may as well keep it that way GMT shares the same time as coordinated Universal Time however they do often get confused GMT is a time zone and it’s used only during certain times of the year in the UK.

UTC is the basis for time zones worldwide no one uses it as a local time have you got all that now I’m gonna make it a little bit more complicated times and time zones have changed over the years for many different reasons I tell the mid 19th century different towns and cities across the UK were using their own different time and that was according to the Sun but with the expansion of communications.

 especially the railways we all had to get on to one single time just to give you an exaggerated example imagine if you were going on the train and you got on on one city and it was 1:00 p.m. you traveled for three hours you’ve got off and it was still 1 p.m. oh my god so the railway networks introduced a single standard time across their networks.

The date the clocks change in the UK

which was mainly GMT that soon became standard for the rest of the UK let’s pop across the pond to Brazil they’d used summer saving time since the 1930s to try and save on electricity but the country noticed that the peak electricity usage wasn’t in the evenings anymore when people were turning on their lights it was actually going to the daytime in the middle of the afternoon when people were spending on their aircon.

 so they’ve been talking about getting rid of this changing of the clocks altogether no decision has been made yet hop back across the pond to Europe where the European Commission surveyed four and a half million EU citizens it found most don’t like the clocks been changed forward and backwards.

 so things could change there to North Korea changed time zone altogether for political reasons you’d think the country would be on the same time zone as the south but North Korea it used to be half an hour behind South Korea as a stand against what it described as wicked Japanese imperialists after its hours were changed to match Tokyo’s when the Korean Peninsula was under Japan’s rule after talks though between the countries.

 South Korea’s presidency sent a tweet saying Mr Kim was so distressed by seeing the Crocs out of sync he changed it in 2011 the West Bank and Gaza Strip observed different local times for a whole month because the Hamas led Gaza Strip decided to ignore the Palestinians Authority’s daylight saving time star actives adding detention and creating a fair bit of confusion so there you have it there’s some politics and history.

some good music and some air conditioning just to quickly sum up some of the main points because I know that was a lot of information a lot of people believe it was Benjamin Franklin who was the first person to come up with the idea of moving the clocks forward and backwards.

not all countries move their clocks forwards and backwards like China and some countries in Europe as well as Brazil might stop changing their clocks altogether country’s time zones have changed over the years most recently North Korea which was a political move and in total there it’s 38 time zones how many can you make and that is just a snapshot of the world so there’s lots of research and more information below you

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