Pain at the pump | State lawmakers officially propose $400 rebate to tax-filing Californians

The average price of gas right now, expensive drivers say well they are glad to see a rebate to tax-filing Californians . They say the government needs to do more to pump in relief. A proposed $400 gas tax rebate for California taxpayers. It’s the one time rebates. Not gonna help anything. How is that gonna help next month or the month after that? That’s gonna help. I mean, but I don’t think it’s enough. You know, $400 may help out a little. But that’s just me filling up my tank four times. San Diego, drivers say not so fast.

 rebate to tax-filing Californians

On Thursday, many California Democratic Assembly members announced their support for a gas tax rebate that would give each California taxpayer $400 to compensate for their soaring price of fuel. And we know that some of the other proposals out there, the ideas to maybe just suspend the gas tax. There’s no guarantee that that will be passed along to consumers. On Monday. Democrat shut down a Republican plan to suspend the 51.1 cent gas tax. Dim say their proposal is equivalent to a one year gas tax holiday,

Tired of paying top dollar at the gas pump? 

San Diego driver Darren Tischner would rather see no tax at all. I don’t know what the gas tax is for anyway, surely not to repair the roads around here. Under the proposal, the gas tax rebate would be sent to all California taxpayers, including those who are on a fixed income or even if you drive an electric vehicle, or even if you don’t drive at all. It’s a good gesture. But I still think there’s more that can be done. The plan is consistent with Governor Newsom schools to put money in the pockets of Californians.

Paying the highest gas prices in the nation. Republicans say the relief can’t come soon enough. How long is it gonna take? People need it now and they need their legislature in their governor to act. Cecilia Torres drives for Instacart and feels like she’s walking just to fill her tank. And I don’t know if I’m going to continue doing that for now because I mean a lot of driving around. If the gas tax rebate is approved by lawmakers supporters, hope checks will be mailed in the spring. I’m Abbie Alford for CBS 8.

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