Semiconductor Industry To Face Neon Gas Shortage If Russia-Ukraine War Continues shortage of chips a semiconductors

the current tensions between russia and ukraine uh can we uh fear another uh shortage of chips and semiconductors and also uh are the other rising crude prices going to affect uh demand of automobiles and components in the long run uh

ACMA Presiden: you know uh we have seen conflict uh and we have seen some delay uh in coming back to where we wanted to be in terms of semiconductors.

conflict that’s on currently i can’t predict what will happen as i don’t know how long the conflict will last currently the neon gas supply comes from ukraine palladium and nickel comes from russia we’ve seen some slowdown in terms.

Neon Gas Shortage
ACMA Presiden Says

what the semiconductor’s output

you know what the semiconductor’s output can be because of this currently what i’m given to believe is that semiconductor industry or the manufacturers have sufficient neon gas with them if this were to run out because the conflict lasts longer i won’t be able to predict what the future of the semiconductor industry would look like at this point in time.

the constraints on raw material and the supply chain considerations would they be resolved and uh how would they of course be looked at after uh the pli scheme for auto components has come in which of course uh intends to be a short in the arm for the industry but how is the industry looking at raw material constraints or supply chain constraints so supply chain constraints definitely you know are the headwinds that we’re facing uh the good thing is the positive thing is we have a lot of demand.

How to solve semiconductor’s Shortege?

we’re strong on demand so which is extremely encouraging for the industry the pli scheme is extremely encouraging in that it allows companies or encourages companies to invest in the future in future technologies not just for export but also for deep localization so these are great uh benefits for the industry and we’re grateful to government for announcing the pli scheme 75 companies in the auto component space have been approved of which 47 companies arakama members and the remainder our joint venture partners with acma members.

it’s definitely you know a step in the right direction the challenges that we face uh you know the headwinds that we face and uh you know very resilient industry we’re used to you know challenges will overcome these challenges one final question uh what is the growth outlook for the industry because as you said uh during the interaction that we have opened up we are meeting everyone and everything is slowly getting back to a semblance of normalcy after two years.

what is the growth outlook in the near future so we’ve had a very positive outlook in the or a positive growth in the first half of the year we had 65 growth in domestic market 76 growth in the export market and 25 growth in the aftermarket in the first half of the year the demand once again is strong looks strong now really depends on the supply side uh if we’re able to meet supply we’ll see good growth if we’re not able to meet supply due to constraints of supply chain whether they be uh chip shortage raw material price increases uh container shortages logistics costs we will see some uh you know we will see challenges however the positive thing is the demand is strong thanks for speaking with et now

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