how to start a fire pit with wood ? what is the proper way to start a fire?

in this artical we learn about how to start a fire pit with wood because fire pit make holidays are awsome and I also tell what is the proper way to start a fire therefore this post is very informative you can also understand all information in video format is given below

how to start a fire pit with wood

What type of wood is best for a fire pit?

How long does wood burn in a fire pit?

What is the proper way to start a fire?

What’s the best way to put out a fire in a fire pit?

we’re going to tell you one really good way to do that you’ve probably heard the word kindling before kindling is smaller pieces of wood.

that light easier than larger pieces of wood and are used to light those large pieces let me show you this is kindling and this is the best kindling you can buy it’s called fat wood bat .

wood is resonant fused smaller pieces of wood that light easy the resin keeps it burning hot and it starts your fire really nicely to start our fire we’re going to set these pieces of wood in a crisscross pattern.

then we’re going to add our fat wood you see the pattern we’re establishing as we move higher and higher before you get too high you do need to add these fat wood sticks so I’m going to do that I think this is the proper way to start a fire .

we have a nice symmetrical stack here there are four pieces of fat wood in here you can put more or less depending on your skill set we’re going to take another piece and get it going to light the other the first four that are sitting inside.

after we get them lit will add more firewood it’s just easier right now to do it this way you want to get it going really well see how nicely it burns the rezident makes it burn very hot we’ll try to get these other pieces going.

then we’ll add our additional firewood so now we have a nice nice corner fire going when I’m putting these in here I want to put this edge to the fire because it just burnt it just catches a little better a little nicer this is shaping up quite nicely we’re going to add another layer here this method also work to start a fire pit with wood.

this makes a chimney effect which helps the fire start it may take it a little bit to get going but our fire is definitely on the way our fire is really catching on quickly and this is a perfect fire that you that you want to see I’m going to add a few more pieces I like big fire.

I am fire pit Rick and in a few moments we will have a roaring fire easy our fire has been burning for under 10 minutes right now and as you can see it’s really really doing well you can do this type of fire at your house easily all you need is good dry seasoned hardwood firewood some fat wood sticks.

a lighter you may also want to have a really good fire pit and we make them our business is fire pit art you can see all of our products on fire pit art comm give us a call we happen to make one for you.

conclusion :- in this post we learned what is the proper way to start a fire and how to start a fire pit with wood I hope u can understand this all thing if you like this information read related post in our website

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