how to check balance in bsnl? – banl balance check code

how to check balance in bsnl?

BSNL is a mobile network company of the Government of India which provides SIM card WiFi routers etc. to government offices and government officials as well as the general public.
Bsnl balance cheak
The mobile recharge rates of this company are decided by looking at a common man, and they are not too expensive, so BSNL company SIM cards are still with a lot of government employees.
If you have a BSNL SIM card and have inserted that SIM card into your mobile, you need to know how much balance is in that SIM card and how many days of data pack or talk time is available.
So in this post, I have told you about all these things, like how you can check the balance of BSNL as well as how you can check the internet balance of BSNL and your net balance with the help of your app. Is.
If you want to check the data balance of all the SIM card companies nowadays, you have to type a USSD code in the dial pad of your mobile.

As you type this code off, a message will appear on your mobile screen. That message will contain the information given by your mobile operator, which contains information on how much Talktime balance is available, etc., in your mobile. You need to know your BSNL balance. I can do it.
  • First, you have to open the dial pad on your mobile. You will find it in the call log application on the dial
  • After that, you also have to type here * 123 #. After you dial this code, you have to click on the call button.
  • And then, a message will appear on your mobile screen in which the balance of your BSNL number will appear
  • If this code is not working in your mobile then you can check it by dialing * 124 * 1 #

how to check data balance in bsnl?

It is not difficult for you to check the data of all these big companies like Vodafone Airtel nowadays, but if you want to check how much data balance is left inside your BSNL SIM card, then you have to process it.
I told you how you can check your balance. You can also check the data by doing the same process of BSNL SIM card.
But if your BSNL SIM card does not have a mobile network, you can find out your data balance by sending a message.
  • So to send a message you have to open the messaging app in the mobile which means you can send an SMS from here and here you have to first click on the Create a Messages button and here you have to type the number 121 You need to send a message to the number “BAL”
  • As soon as you send a message to this number, you can easily see the company will reply to the message when you come inside the mobile network, and in that reply, your BSNL SIM card will have mobile data balance.

how to check net balance in bsnl App?

So friends, if you want to check the net balance of your BSNL SIM card with your BSNL application, then first you have to install this application inside your mobile. To install, you have to go to Google Play Store and search for BSNL app.
Search here you have to open this app. After opening you will see the main menu of BSNL app and in this main menu you have to login by dialing your BSNL number code.
An OTP comes on your mobile to log in so you can log in or if you are already logged in, then all you have to do is click on the sign in button.
You will then see in the application how much of your mobile data has been spent in this application, how much mobile data you have used and how much mobile data you have left, and which of your planes is active here.
This means you are given details of how many rupees you have recharged and for how many days it is valid, and in addition to that, you can use whatever offer BSNL app offers now to recharge your BSNL SIM card.
Or you can get all these types of offers like Talktime Net Balance International Roaming. From here you like the offer. Here you can easily recharge from internet banking with the help of your BSNL app from the comfort of your home.
If you have a laptop, you can go to on a laptop and login to that website with a BSNL number. How many days is the validity of your internet and the validity of your top ten balance?
You will find it all inside your browser, and from there you will be able to do all the work like recharging the BSNL SIM card and adding an internet pack to the BSNL SIM card and here, you can also get live chat support from Customer Care.
If you want to check the balance of your Vodafone SIM card, then we have written a post on it. In that post, I told you how to check the validity of your Vodafone Talktime balance internet balance.
You can also read how to check Vodafone balance.

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