Geneva’s Forecast late March

well happy saturday we do have some unsettled weather in the forecast so definitely stay tuned for some expected rain and wind on the way wind is wind advisory in effect on sunday in southern idaho again tonight we’re going to have active weather high pressure though next week we’re going to see warming temperatures with that talking a little bit more about this wind advisory in effect on sunday 25 to 35 miles per hour

that wind advisory it’ll expire around 6 pm so in general the treasure valley is going to see some pretty high wind speeds but the magic valley is really going to see even higher wind speeds with some westward direction wind.

Geneva's Forecast late March

so definitely going to be windy tomorrow here’s a current radar of where the system is coming see that wind that’s getting pushed in from behind it that’ll head our way after the system clears through so we are definitely tracking some potential of thunderstorms and rain this evening with this active weather again here’s a closer look at some of those isolated rainstorms.

it’s also going to bring some snow to our higher elevations above 4000 feet here’s another look at those wind gusts tomorrow we are expecting them to be pretty significant tomorrow hence the wind advisory again there could be falling tree limbs unsecured outdoor objects could be blowing around and potential of powder power outages so just be prepared for a windy day tomorrow after this storm heads out of our region other than that hope you have a great saturday night [Music] you

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