All Google Easter Eggs 2022 | What is the little Co on discord is it an easter egg of sorts What does it mean? 

what are some google easter eggs if you look here at google there are actually a lot of built-in easter eggs you see i’ve done a bunch of website on easter eggs there’s about 10 blogs here covering a bunch however there’s even more than just these 10 but for now we’re gonna focus on google there are actually a lot of interesting cool google easter eggs out there so in this video we’re gonna look at a whole bunch but of course.

All Google Easter Eggs 2022

uh some of these i remember from like a long time ago for example do a barrel roll if you simply search this up into google this is what happens the whole page spins and does an actual freaking barrel roll it’s insane dude so this is of course in reference to this post i guess just the barrel roll meme from 2011 so long ago classic times.

All Google Easter Eggs 2022

but yeah that is cool and it’s it’s pretty fun to watch the screen rotate like that like whoa oh god okay so next up the next sort of easter egg is if you search a sku into google you can see that the whole page is just tilted slightly just slightly and if you read the definition of the word askew it is not in a straight or level position.

What is the little Co on discord is it an easter egg of sorts What does it mean? 

so google made the whole page of skew oh my god if you scroll down even more you could see us like getting closer to the end here that kind of throws me off and is honestly kind of annoying if you’re not trying to look for an easter egg and just want to see google normally on little Co on discord is it an easter egg but it is pretty cool that they did that on this this discord here is another easter egg on youtube it is conway’s game of life so here it is if you search it up into google .

you see on the side here this happened so conway’s game of life is basically uh i believe it was the first sort of game that to represent cells or something so this is it right here um see how much time is passing with its population it’s just going to keep growing uh so yeah see it’s been quite some time now and we got a bunch of different cells here um it has a population of around 400 almost all right it’s it’s slowly building up i mean it might take a while so we’re gonna keep going here this is the next sort of easter egg if you search up the loneliest number you uh google actually appears here with a calculator and it shows that the loneliest number is one which i guess makes sense next if you search recursion uh this happens on google did you mean recursion like i spelled the word correctly but it says recursion and if you keep clicking on it it’ll keep correcting itself and uh that basically is what the definition is the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition uh this is cool i like how google sort of messes with wordplay and stuff like that yeah you could try these out yourself i don’t know if they really work on mobile or not but they’re all the best on pc so try it out there uh this is blank html so html is basically what web pages are built of and um google seems to be flashing html blank if you search this into google so it just it just blinks it that’s all it’s an easter egg it’s like a coding easter egg which is pretty cool yeah if you scroll down here’s the whole page like every single word that says html or blank is flashing or blinking right it’s pretty cool yeah it’s a nice easter egg just a slight little reference to i don’t know just blinking uh if you search the answer to life the universe and everything you get 42 in a google calculator and this is because of douglas adams it’s a quote by him and you know it’s sort of kind of a meme in a way i guess all right so next up if you search the number of horns on a unicorn google will inform you that it only has one here one it’s pretty good to know you know i don’t know why they had to bring out the whole calculator for that but you know what it’s fine all right so just checking back up on conway’s game of life we are at around six to seven hundred uh cells that’s pretty cool it’s been about a couple minutes so now let’s move on to the next easter egg here if you search anagram into google you get did you mean nagaram and this is in reference to what anagram means so basically an anagram is a word that you are able to like scramble into another word so an example of this is right here nagaram is an anagram of anagram there’s also some references in harry potter so so tom marvolo riddle scrambles into i am lord voldemort that was a thing in the chamber of secrets so that’s what an anagram is another one here doctor who grabbles into torchwood which is a spin-off show of doctor who so it’s pretty cool that google is doing this as an easter egg you know there’s also a second one if you put define anagram they put nerd fame again which is an anagram of define anagram it’s pretty funny google’s clever like that and then next up there are a bunch of built-in games into google i don’t really know if these count as like easter eggs or not so i’m not really going to cover them too much you could roll a dice you could use a metronome play snake you can flip a coin you can play solitaire and pac-man and tic-tac-toe just some interesting google gaming things you know just simple games built into google so the next thing is if you search bletchy park this happens look at that look at that that’s pretty interesting the whole the webpage is actually moving until it scrolls into bletchley park and there’s actually like some history behind this so if you just like look here who were the bletchy park code breakers so you can pretty much piece it together they were code breakers in uh world war one looks like in bletchley park the british government uh cryptological establishment in operation during world war ii okay so i guess that’s where it was that’s pretty cool that there’s like a code built into it and now finally let’s check back up on conway’s game let’s see how it’s doing oh wow okay the cells have came down here now so i wonder what’ll happen if this keeps going maybe i’ll leave it and show you uh in a tweet or something so check the pin comment to see uh how much it evolves to and well that’s about it for me this video if i find any more google easter eggs i will definitely make another video on it because i feel like there’s more i remembered if you searched uh find chuck norris google would do something but then again google deleted a lot of their easter eggs just like youtube did it’s annoying so if i find more i’ll make a video on that you

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