Deep Water movie review: Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas shine about toxic marriage,cuckold fantasy isn’t erotic

Deep Water movie review : well-to-do husband who allows his wife to have affairs in order to avoid a divorce becomes a prime suspect in the disappearance of her lovers so adrian lin director of something like indecent proposal fatal attraction jacob’s ladder these very intense types of dramas that.

sometimes focus on the romance of it all but other times you can look at as oh is that leaning into like erotic thriller territory and hearing about this movie prior to release everyone was saying this is going to be like you know as intense as possible language nudity violence so much sexual content and while we’re starting with the rating it is rated r and all of those things are in the film.

Deep Water movie review

 i guess they just scaled back on all that in the editing room because it wasn’t near as crazy as i suspected to be not that i wanted that necessarily but hearing the talk prior to seeing the film i was like oh is it an erotic thriller or is it just kind of another rated r movie that doesn’t really push the boundaries regardless in this movie you have vic and melinda in this small town their marriage is just slightly being held together by this arrangement meaning melinda is allowed to take as many lovers as she can as long as she doesn’t desert her family essentially.

they don’t want a divorce or he doesn’t want a divorce now there’s this fascination from his perspective when it comes to one of the unsolved murders of one of her former lovers and now that she has someone else he tries to take credit for that killing which kind of spooks a lot of people around town people just see it as a really dark joke.

that’s something that yeah just the way that he acts in this film a little creepy a little overboard at times you can understand why some people are and other people are like i didn’t know what this movie was going to be about so when it started and i saw what this arrangement was i’m like okay that makes for an interesting plot of a movie it doesn’t mean i have to share the same belief system that our main characters do but within that you have to give us something about these two characters.

either makes them likeable or relatable or gives us a reason to gravitate towards them not necessarily a reason to root against them throughout the entire run time and that’s what i found myself doing all throughout this movie at first you feel bad for ben affleck’s character but when you start to realize what his personality actually is and then the way that they treat each other and just how this marriage operates i personally found it really difficult to relate to and or care about either one of these characters.

because of that i struggled getting into this relationship which is essentially the basis of this entire movie now are there entertaining things about this film there are uh certain mysteries surrounding both characters that you’re trying to unravel as we go even though inevitably the movie does kind of say here you want this answer we’re going to hold off a little bit

. there you go you want that answer all right i’m going to give you 30 minutes okay there it is and i’m thinking to myself you know i really wish the movie would have found a way around giving us the answer like they actually did so for me i i think this script struggled and you know overall you look at the filmmakers behind it and the writers you expect more quality.

sam levinson from euphoria and i could see and tell the euphoria isms you even have a cast member that comes into this film i’m thinking to myself why isn’t this coming together as they intend and why is the mystery not as compelling as the movie wants it to be is it because these characters are so vastly unlikable that’s probably a big reason now i’m not saying the performances are bad.

i honestly think ben affleck gives a phenomenal performance here he is haunting he’s a little bit gone girlish and ben affleck in gone girl is top tier ben affleck so i was happy to see him kind of at the top of his game even though you know his personality it’s really hard to get behind and that character in general but there are things about him that make you feel for him.

because ana de armas her character is just so brutal and i understand you know like the summary says they’ve kind of come to an agreement but you can see and feel that jealousy and just the way that she’s treating this entire thing it’s so it makes her so unlikable and that is just it’s hard to watch a movie like that when it’s difficult to root for characters and sometimes movies can work their way around that if they provide either a compelling mystery or really good technical aspects but none of that stood out for me right.

this mystery i’ve seen better the cinematography is good but i’ve seen better and i continued to feel that way all throughout the movie and it just feels like a series of events pushed together with really good performances and a nice idea but the execution was my biggest fault with this film because i just couldn’t get behind the story and the word dull comes to mind and that’s not a word.

i wanted to use with this movie also like i said at the beginning it’s supposed to be an erotic thriller and it just feels so handcuffed that’s not a pun i guess it could be yeah it’s a pun before i give you my score again if you like this review let me know down below and how deep have you ever been in water i didn’t know where i was going with that deep water makes it difficult for viewers to gravitate towards.

either lead character but beyond that the mystery was never compelling enough to care about i’m going a 38 percent i was very disappointed with this movie great talent across the board it just didn’t quite come together so my question for you are you watching this on hulu this weekend please stay tuned

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