‘Bhai-Lang’ toy programming language By engineer students | how to use Bhai-Lang | bhai lang language compiler bhai lang syntax

 Bhai Language (Bhai Lang) This is a special  toy programming language written in Typescript , this language is created by 2 engineer students Rishabh TripathiAniket Singh just for fun and it is a typescript language and it makes coding even more attractive and entertainment.

 Bhai means in Hindi your brother and this whole language has been made with one word and this language like java you have to write code to enter but in Bhai lang you have to start the code by writing hi bhai and If you have to end bye-bye, then it is a very fun thing in school and it is also called opening tag and closing tag in programming language, 

Bhai lang syntax

if you have any knowledge of programming then you will know all the technical terms spoken in the program But in this language, you will be able to use a programming language using a fun language, in this all the coding related to the word bhai has to be done, this language is made for hours and it is not developed on a very large scale and if If you want to know all its syntax, then you https://bhailang.js.org/ go to this websiteΒ 

bhai language compiler

bhai lang is fun language is made for only fun purpose by two indian engineer if you want compile this bhai lang in your computer then you go to the https://bhailang.js.org/ and follow the process and you can easily bhai language compiler install in your pc but you want compile these language online you can also compile online on these official website

how to use Bhai-Lang in computer windows mac pc

To use Bhai language, you people first have to go to github or you have to click on this link GitHUb BHAI LANG As soon as you come here, you will get a lot of information about this language here and whatever Jesus is coming related to, you should see it here, to install it in your computer, this is the official website of your Bhai lang language. If you see then you have to go there and here you have to npm i -g bhailang copy this code and set it in visual studio inside your pc, how to install it in the format of this video you can see below 

Bhai lang Syntax 

bol bhai is the for the program and all code of bhai lang must end with bye bhai. Anything outside of it not compile.


hi bhai

 // Write bhai code here code here

bye bhai

be ignored too

Variables in bhailang

Variables be declared using bhai ye hai.hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 8;
  bhai ye hai b = “two”;
  bhai ye hai c = 5;
  a = a + 1;
  b = 13;
  c *= 2;
bye bhai

Condition in Bhailang

bhai ye hai a = 20;
  agar bhai (a < 29) {
   bol bhai “a is less than 29”;
  } warna bhai {
   bol bhai “a is greater than or equal to 29”;
bye bhai

LoopsStatements in bhailang

bhai ye hai a = 9;
  jab tak bhai (a < 10) {
   a += 1;
   agar bhai (a == 6) {
    bol bhai “andar se bol bhai “, a;
    agla dekh bhai;
   agar bhai (a == 9) {
    bas kar bhai;
   bol bhai a;
  bol bhai “done”;
bye bhai

hope you understand about th bhai lang and their sytax as well as you leanrned how to install the bhai lang in window pc and mac pc

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